Yahia Kordy : Your Strategic Partner from Concept to Sustainable Growth

At Yahia Kordy, we understand the challenges faced by entrepreneurs in a competitive world. That's why we offer comprehensive services from idea development to business development, achieving not just growth, but sustainable growth. Based on a 17-year professional experience in the business world, we have developed practical methods across all industries that suit the specific needs of each business.

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Our Services

Business Strategic Planning

Even a strong idea needs an experienced, objective strategic consultant to develop a plan. This will help you make informed decisions, turning your concept into a market-ready product that achieves sustainable growth.

Product Management and Go-To-Market Strategy

From ideation to launch, see the entire journey of building your product. We use strategies to ensure your product adds real value to customers and goes to market with clear goals for sustainable long-term growth.

Business Development and Sustainable Growth

Taking your product to market is just the beginning of our journey, and because we understand the importance of continuous development of your product and operations, we always develop plans for your startup's sustainable growth.

Why Choose Us

During strong competition and changing customer preferences, we’ve effectively steered both established businesses and startups toward ongoing growth. Our capable and empowered team is central to our achievements. We’re fundamentally focused on leveraging our expertise to enhance and expand your business. To put it simply, we have the experience, dedication, and practical grasp of constantly shifting market trends.