Product Management and Go-to-Market Strategy

Ensuring Market Fit and Targeting the Right Audience

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There are many reasons why startups fail, but the most important factor affecting failure rates is the lack of alignment between the product or service offered and the market and target audience needs. This leads to failure, and the solution always lies in product management and go-to-market strategy entry strategy.

So if you want to be one of the winning startups that has overcome these challenges, you need to know the following

What is product management and market entry strategy?

In simple terms, product management is the plan that guides the entire journey of a product/service to ensure that it delivers value that solves real problems for the target audience. On the other hand, Go To Market strategy (GTM) defines all the steps that your startup will take to reach your target audience through effective marketing Ways.

There are many different approaches and stages to product management, but the tried-and-tested methods that have achieved the most success are always the best. Here are our steps for managing your startup's product

What are our product management Processes?


Defining the Solution

✔ Identifying the problems that face the market and the target audience is one of the first steps that helps in providing a product/service that offers a real solution to customers and aligns with the target market.


Implementing Different Types of Product Development Methodologies

✔ In this stage, it is necessary to choose the methodology that best suits the nature of the product/service. Agile and waterfall are some of the popular methodologies that we use.


Ideation and Prioritization

✔ Understanding the target audience's needs and reviewing their experiences with similar products helps in the brainstorming stage and in determining the priorities that we will take into account in the next steps.


Product Requirements & Backlog

✔ After setting the priorities, comes the product backlog stage, which ensures that the team focuses on developing the most important features that have the most impact on the target audience, thus helping to reduce time to market.


Product Roadmap

✔ The product roadmap defines each stage of the development and launch process, as it includes dates, goals, and key performance indicators to ensure that the project is on track.


Product Requirements Document (PRD)

✔ It serves as a reference for product managers, developers, and stakeholders throughout the product management journey.


Defining Success Metrics

✔ This step is necessary because it provides a way to measure and track how well the product is performing, which helps us know what is working well and what needs to be improved.

The product management stage is a guarantee of the success of its launch in the market, so it must be implemented accurately so that we can move on to the stages of the go-to-market strategy.

Go to market strategy (GTM) Process at Yahia Kordy Growth Consulting

Setting Goals

Hiring a team, if needed, and assigning tasks

Selecting relevant marketing channels (Online & Offline)

Setting a timeline for achieving predetermined goals

Defining operational processes and workflow

Identifying stakeholders and partners who will be involved in the process

Allocating resources for the ongoing budget

Developing a roadmap

We do not just implement product management and Go -go-to-market strategies (GTM), we become an extension of your team to ensure that your product is designed in a way that adds real value to your customers and thus achieves sustainable growth.

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