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Throughout the course, participants will learn


Everything you need to Build and grow your Statup fast.

Course Agenda

You are here to build, launch, or grow your business so that we will meet at the following points.

Understand the Venture Building Lifecycle.

  • Problem Definition
  • The Situation
  • The Market
  • Segmentation
  • Personas
  • Needs
  • Competition
  • Differentiation and Value Proposition
  • Introduction to Product Management.
  • The Product Manager Roles and Responsibilities
  • Our Solution – Defining MVP
  • Done definition
  • Product Development lifecycle 
  • Product Requirements, Backlog and prioritization.
  • Product Roadmapping
  • Product Requirements Document (PRD)
  • Working with designers and engineering – cross function and mindsets
  • Launching introduction
  • Launching Goals & KPIs
  • Market, Segmentation, Personas, Needs, Competition, and Differentiation for go to market
  • Channels
  • Timeline
  • Team
  • Operations/Process
  • Partners
  • Ongoing Budget
  • Launching checklist 
  • Launching Roadmap
  • The product marketing manager Vs The Product managers
  • Growth vs Mktg vs sales vs biz dev vs growth hacking
  • Growth process and the funnel
  • Growth strategy
  • Metrics for growth – defining success and measuring results
  • Growth Team – How to build and manage
  • Funnel and conversion rate optimization
  • Growth engine building

This Course will be
suitable for

You are here to build, launch, or grow your business so that we will meet at one of the following points.

Business Development Specialists

Software Engineers and Developers

Product Marketing Managers

Product Owners

Project Managers

UI/UX Designers

Marketing and Sales Persons

Joiner Product Managers

Product Development Managers.

Founders and CEOs

Scrum Masters

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What clients said about me

Moatasem El Berbawy

Moatasem El Berbawy

CEO Freshi Market

Yahia Kordy is a sharp person with good experience in bottleneck situations .. He helped us build the strategy, work flow, and focus more on optimizing top performing channels .. To get most of Yahia you should be honest and transparent.

محمد الثبيتي

محمد الثبيتي

المؤسس والمدير التنفيذي - مبيت

وجدت في يحيى كردي القدرة على مساعدة الشركات الناشئة بقلبه قبل علمه ومهارته، يملك خبرة كبيرة في اساسيات انشاء الشركات الناشئة وادارة المنتجات واستراتجيات النمو وخطط الدخول للسوق، كما انه يملك عقل تحليلي وتخطيطي بامتياز ويضع الخطط المناسبة بحيث لا يكلف الشركة الكثير من المال، يحب ان يساعد الشركات ويساعد من فيها لكي تعتمد على نفسها وليس عليه، ويسعد حين يرى موهبة تستحق وينقل لها مايعلم، اقولها وانا على ذلك من الشاهدين

عبد العزيز الجهني

عبد العزيز الجهني

الرئيس التنفيذي - شركة تقنيات ريادية

الفريق مميز جدا في ادارة المنتجات الرقمية و النمو عملنا سويا في مشروع تحقق و عدد من العملاء الاخرين وخصوصا فهمهم الكبير وخبرتهم في استراتيجية دخول السوق للشركات الناشئة

Abdullah Aitah

Abdullah Aitah

Business Development Manager | Resal

YK’s approach is neatly built, taking you from finlizing any missing foundational elements in the business side to driving growth. The flexibility of their approach adapts to your current stage and takes you to the targeted stage in a clear methodology and a well-defined framework. Not to mention the great level of dedication to help your business succeed.

Saif AlEssai

Saif AlEssai

Founder & CEO | GetNafas

We had the chance to work with Yahia Kordy in 2020 just before covid; what I loved and really appreciated with Yahia Kordy “The Founder” is his deep involvement in the project; he takes ownership and works on it as if it’s his own project that he’s been personally growing in the past 2 years.

Mohamed Elsherif

Mohamed Elsherif

Head of BI | Extend The Ad Network

Yahia Kordy is always my point of truth in growing and scaling business. He is able to listen very well and speak the language of the audience. I trust him to move any business from one milestone to the other with the available resources with no complications.

Asem Elgezery

Asem Elgezery

Head of Product | Tegarty

Yahia Kordy is a pragmatic and experienced consultant, always focuses on the big picture and best practices to acheive a quality and speedy goals.
Thanks to his significant contribution, we were able to fill the gap between the business strategy and the product to get alligned, he is always able to unify and sharpen the vision clearly. the work he did for us paved the way for our growth.


About Yahia Kordy

Venture Builder & Growth Leader with 17+ years of professional experience​

Starting 2006, I worked as a Sales and business development, then I started to work for many "Open Source Solutions" Companies as a system administrator, project manger, and also for the "Egyptian Public Prosecution".

At the age of 27, I decided to quit my job in The “Egyptian Public Prosecution”, and bought a bike to cycle across 2,500 km to teach tech to 2000+ university students in remote communities across 20 Egyptian cities from Alexandria to Aswan, sparking innovation, and build open source communities that empower them to develop their destiny. After that, I worked with several businesses as a Product and Growth Manager.

During my 17-year career path I worked with various companies, providing training and consulting to help them build and grow there businesses. I led and influenced international cross-functional teams of business and technical stakeholders based in North Africa, GCC, and Europe. 

Now, I am a Venture Builder and Growth Leader, “hybrid product and growth”

What do I do? I work side-by-side with:

1- Venture Capitals, Corporates, and the Government to build and operate their Ventures and Venture Studios.

2- Accelerators and Running Businesses on their growth and scaling.

Yahia Kordy

Grow your Startup today

You are here to build, launch, or grow your business.


12 Hours – (4 Weeks, 2 Days per week, 1.5 Hours per day)

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